The Wiggly Charity

The partnership between Kingfisher Treasure Seekers and The Wiggly Charity grew out of a number of ‘what if’ conversations. Through bumping into each other at various local events we realised we shared the same frustrations, had the same vision for what could be achieved in people’s lives and we had the same operational and strategic values as organisations. Kingfisher Treasure Seekers was seeing the effect that lack of nutrition and poor cooking skills had in people’s lives, and The Wiggly Charity has the skills to support people to overcome those challenges, but does not have the reach of those most in need. We decided to do something about this issue together – this is a need and value based partnership, not one of convenience in order to access funding. Because of this, we are so excited about what the future holds for our organisations. We are seeking to work together on developing a community kitchen in Kingfisher Treasure Seekers’ property, but the space being staffed and managed by The Wiggly Charity. We are currently seeking funding for this project and will keep you up to date with our progress.

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