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Kingfisher Treasure Seekers was incorporated in June 2012 in order to set up the Treasure Seekers Gift Shop. We recognised the need for the shop out of the Treasure Seekers Discos and Treasure Seekers Performing Arts which were initially set up by Kingfisher Church. We have since taken on the running of those activities, but they took place in the church building in Tredworth up until we opened 118 Eastgate Street in 2023. Furthermore Kingfisher Treasure Seekers has a chaplain, available to all staff should they need to talk through any struggles. James Burn, Senior Pastor of Kingfisher Church, is available at all times to staff by request, and spends time each week in The Cavern should any staff wish to pop by to talk. This has been an invaluable service to us and has been greatly appreciated by our staff.

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