Why the Star?

We are not just an organisation, we are discoverers - those who seek Treasure! Our name, our Star, and tagline are not just fancy words and images, they tell the story of who we are- and we are all about the Treasure inside you!
'I wholeheartedly believe that lives can be changed, because mine has been.' This is Craig's story of how his life has changed , driving his passion for walking alongside others.
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If you were to ask me, “what's the single most foundational ingredient necessary to grow an organisation where life change can happen?” the answer wouldn't be money, or buildings, or activities, or qualified staff. Not that any of these things are not important. It wouldn't even be the depth of love that people say they have for each other. The answer, which underpins all these things, would be simply trust.
Just like an elephant, Treasure Seekers has many parts but when put all together it makes up something beautiful, something unique and something you cant help but stop and look at in awe!
Why is it that some people make a choice to revert back to old patterns of thoughts and behaviour, just as they are on the cusp of success?