Lizzie Meyer

Anchor Lead
Before joining The Anchor in April 2022, Lizzie spent about five years working in the library at Gloucestershire College, which was the job that she actually trained to do many years ago after finishing university. In between those seasons of library work, Lizzie spent 14 years with her family, living and working for an NGO in Papua New Guinea. There she was involved in a whole range of different activities: teaching, administration, community work in remote places, and simply looking after her family. Living in “The Land of the Unexpected” taught Lizzie a lot about being adaptable, and gave her plenty of challenges – some fun, some difficult and some simply weird. For someone who really hates flying, Lizzie spent a lot of time in small, scary planes landing on remote airstrips! Lizzie learned a lot about facing her fears, even if she never really conquered them. Lizzie moved back to the UK and to Gloucester in 2015 to be nearer her parents. Lizzie’s happy place is being out in the countryside, and if you tell her to jump in a lake, she probably will, as she loves wild swimming.

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