Lewis Clarke

The Cavern Kitchen Assistant
Lewis joined The Cavern via the Kickstart scheme in November 2021 as a kitchen assistant. Lewis enjoys working alongside Vicky and Donna due to their good team spirit! Lewis has a fantastic sense of humour and is being kept very busy, which he thoroughly enjoys. Lewis is a very likeable character and is a very popular member of the team. Lewis lives at home with his dad Simon, sisters Olivia, Saffron and Reine. He has 3 dogs, 2 cats, 1 rabbit and 2 horses; as you can imagine there is never a quiet moment! Lewis has attended Gloscol College where he obtained a qualification in Skills For Life; as a result he got involved in volunteer work and helped dig out a pond, which he really enjoyed. Lewis has also worked in The Post Office, here Lewis enjoyed packing eggs up and getting them ready for the postman to collect. Lewis currently has a job coach helping to support him to become independent at his chores here, so that he can continue his great work at The Cavern, which he loves! Lewis hopes to improve his skills so that he can start cooking bigger and better things in the near future alongside Vicky and Donna. Lewis also makes an excellent cup of tea!

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