Karen Wildin

The Cavern Supervisor | Cavern Adult Support Worker
Karen retired in 2020 after a 30 year career in the Police Force.  During this time she would regularly come into contact with vulnerable members of the public as they went through challenging situations within their lives.
Feeling too young to retire, Karen was “over the moon” when she was offered the position with Support at the Cavern.  She describes feeling honoured to have been given the opportunity to be part of what she knows is a fantastic organisation, having seen the Treasure Seekers Performing Arts on a number of occasions. In February of 2022 Karen joined The Cavern team as a Supervisor, working behind the bar making drinks and supporting volunteers, in addition to her role as a Support Worker.
Married with two teenage daughters, she shares her home with two rescued German Shepherds, a hamster and six ex-battery hens (although the hens live outside).
In her spare time she enjoys the big outdoors and anything that brings her into contact with animals (either wild or domesticated). She has been a volunteer at the Vale Wildlife Hospital near Tewkesbury for the past five years and recently spent a month in South Africa, volunteering at the Kevin Richardson Wildlife Sanctuary.

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