Ben Welham

Child Safeguarding Officer | Cavern Youth Support Worker
Ben joined Kingfisher Treasure Seekers in July 2022 as a Youth Mental Health Support Worker with Youth Support at The Cavern after deciding he wanted a career change. He has previously worked in multiple retail roles and has decided to pursue a career that he finds more fulfilling and which can be a benefit to the community.  Ben is really excited to be working in a positive environment where the work he does can make a difference and support those in need.   Ben graduated from Loughborough University with a Drama degree in 2017. It was here that he discovered his interest for mental health work, after volunteering at the local homeless shelter.  Ben has just been accepted to do a Masters Degree in Psychology and will be studying alongside his role at Treasure Seekers. Ben has lots of different hobbies he loves to do during his free time. He has been playing the saxophone since he was a child and loves every opportunity he gets to show off his abilities. He also enjoys going on hikes/scrambles with his family, and the occasional bike ride. Ben is on our safeguarding team as a Child Safeguarding Officer.  

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