Our small but dedicated team, run over 20 activities a week for 2000 vulnerable people in Gloucester! We are dedicated to helping each and every person we work with become the ‘Best Version of Themselves’. If you would like to join our staff team, take a look at our vacancies here.

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Alana Willett

Anchor Trainer
The Cavern Supervisor
The Lighthouse Support Worker
Caretaker | Harbour Lead
General Manager
Child Safeguarding Officer | Cavern Youth Support Worker
Information Stall Coordinator | Singing Lead
Adult Support at The Cavern Deputy Lead | The Cavern Supervisor
Lighthouse Deputy Manager
Director | Safeguarding Lead
Content Creator
The Cavern Kitchen Manager | Cavern Adult Support Worker
Anchor Trainer | OATS Support Worker
Anchor Trainer
The Cavern Deputy Manager
Training and Development Lead | Makaton Choir Lead | Deputy Safeguarding Lead (Adults)
The Cavern Barista
Cavern Adult Support Worker
Anchor Trainer
Operations Assistant
The Cavern Supervisor | Cavern Adult Support Worker
Admin Assistant
Anchor Deputy Lead